Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday fun!

It was a short school week for the kids and it was much needed. They had Monday off, and had an early dismissal today. School is making the kids tired, really tired. They come home cranky and hungry, and hopefully soon it will just be hungry. At some point in time they have to get used to full day Kindergarten, right?

Since it was an early dismissal day, we had a play date with their friends Maddie and Savannah at the Orpheum Children's museum. The Orpheum is small, but the kids usually have a lot of fun there and I've never actually been there when it has been busy. I decided to purchase a membership for the year so we can visit more often, especially in the winter months. Alex will be extremely happy because there is a Thomas train table and he LOVES Thomas (and I will be extremely happy because I'll be able to take a book or some crochet projects to work on - he will play for hours with trains).

He spent most of the time at the train table, and the rest outside digging for dinosaur bones in the sand. Messy but so much fun! There are a lot of interesting things here in such a small space. We had so much fun today! We even found a fuzzy caterpillar outside and the kids carried it around forever!

After playing we picked up Faye's new glasses. I've always wanted her to have some black frames, but I always let her choose the ones she wants. She is the one who has to wear them all day every day. But this time she chose some black frames- I was so thrilled! We looked at 3 different stores and these were her favorites. Aren't they so cute?

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mrs. fisher's findings said...

They are very cute! The train table at the museum must be new, I didn't see it there last summer. Looks like fun!