Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cutest card ever!

Faye and Drew got some really awesome cards and gifts for their birthday this year.  Thanks to everyone for all the gifts!  They have been really busy the past few days, making bracelets, making pixos (including an 8-bit Mario I helped Drew make), making dinosaur fossils, playing games, and playing with their new toys.

Drew got this birthday card from his friend Madison, and I think it has to be the cutest card ever!

I was anxious to try out our new scanner too!  I bought this book, Fa la la la Felt, from Amazon last week.  Now that Andy is a student, we get a free year of Amazon Prime, which means we get free 2-day shipping on tons of items! This book has lots and lots of templates, but in order to use them I needed to scan them in, enlarge them, and print them out. I mentioned this to Andy, and he found later that same day a used $5 scanner!  It seems to work!

Here's my 1st attempt at a felt ornament with beading. It still needs a ribbon...

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futuregirl said...

Your first attempt at an ornament is AWESOME! They'll only get better. :)