Monday, September 27, 2010

The biggest smiles ever!

I think Drew liked his birthday cake. He never smiles this big, ever, but he was a happy little boy on Saturday. Lots of cake and birthday presents and a party with his friends. How could he not be smiling?

The kids didn't believe me that his cake was made with frosting and that they could actually eat it.  They thought I made it(also purchased on can find anything there) and I didn't set them straight. They think I'm really good with frosting now!

Faye wanted the ice cream cake I made for Andy's birthday.  It wasn't quite the same, but then that always happens to me.  I make something once and it is awesome, and then the next time it is different.  She saw Drew smiling so big, she started smiling like him too! They both had a great birthday! 

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