Monday, September 27, 2010

6th Birthday

Faye and Drew are 6!! Saturday they had their first party ever with their school friends. It was at the YMCA and it was so much fun!!

Drew wanted to have Mario cupcakes of course, and Faye agreed. They were really good, from my favorite bakery in Champaign, The Cake Artist's Studio. I suppose I could have made some, but they also took cupcakes to school on Friday, and we had cake at home. I just wasn't that ambitious this year. I ordered the Mario toppers on EBay, but if you have a color printer I assume you could easily make these.

At the party the kids got to jump on the tumble track, go through an obstacle course, jump on the trampoline, play games, and jump in the pit. I think all the kids had a really good time!

Before the party started, the kids were very excited and were all running around the table... I just love this picture, blurry and all!

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