Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cutest card ever!

Faye and Drew got some really awesome cards and gifts for their birthday this year.  Thanks to everyone for all the gifts!  They have been really busy the past few days, making bracelets, making pixos (including an 8-bit Mario I helped Drew make), making dinosaur fossils, playing games, and playing with their new toys.

Drew got this birthday card from his friend Madison, and I think it has to be the cutest card ever!

I was anxious to try out our new scanner too!  I bought this book, Fa la la la Felt, from Amazon last week.  Now that Andy is a student, we get a free year of Amazon Prime, which means we get free 2-day shipping on tons of items! This book has lots and lots of templates, but in order to use them I needed to scan them in, enlarge them, and print them out. I mentioned this to Andy, and he found later that same day a used $5 scanner!  It seems to work!

Here's my 1st attempt at a felt ornament with beading. It still needs a ribbon...

Monday, September 27, 2010

The biggest smiles ever!

I think Drew liked his birthday cake. He never smiles this big, ever, but he was a happy little boy on Saturday. Lots of cake and birthday presents and a party with his friends. How could he not be smiling?

The kids didn't believe me that his cake was made with frosting and that they could actually eat it.  They thought I made it(also purchased on eBay...you can find anything there) and I didn't set them straight. They think I'm really good with frosting now!

Faye wanted the ice cream cake I made for Andy's birthday.  It wasn't quite the same, but then that always happens to me.  I make something once and it is awesome, and then the next time it is different.  She saw Drew smiling so big, she started smiling like him too! They both had a great birthday! 

6th Birthday

Faye and Drew are 6!! Saturday they had their first party ever with their school friends. It was at the YMCA and it was so much fun!!

Drew wanted to have Mario cupcakes of course, and Faye agreed. They were really good, from my favorite bakery in Champaign, The Cake Artist's Studio. I suppose I could have made some, but they also took cupcakes to school on Friday, and we had cake at home. I just wasn't that ambitious this year. I ordered the Mario toppers on EBay, but if you have a color printer I assume you could easily make these.

At the party the kids got to jump on the tumble track, go through an obstacle course, jump on the trampoline, play games, and jump in the pit. I think all the kids had a really good time!

Before the party started, the kids were very excited and were all running around the table... I just love this picture, blurry and all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


This is what our counter looked like after we came in from the garden today....

...and we had just as many we had to throw in our compost that were unusable.

We really need to get out to our garden more often, but there just hasn't been time this year. There are actually quite a few tomatoes not pictured too, as we had some in a bowl and a lot more on our other counter. We decided to make some salsa, which will hopefully turn out well. Really well, or I'll be upset. Andy and I just spent over 2 hours peeling, seeding and chopping the tomatoes, and we only used about half of them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night Alex slept in his bed all night! Success!! I woke up at 6:30 and I wasn't dragging myself out of bed. Woohoo!! I decided I'd had enough of him coming in my room and waking me up, rolling all over and kicking me in his sleep, so we had to change some things.

I thought that maybe he needed a bigger bed, so we gave him the extra twin bed. I made him some envelope Thomas pillows (removable cover so I can wash them easily), and we talked and talked about how he would go to bed and sleep in his big boy bed.

Thomas Pillow

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but actually it went really smoothly. He went to bed the same time as Drew, and I sat on the bean bag chair in the corner of the room. He read some books, then got up and started playing a little. I let him go for a few minutes to see what he'd do, and when he didn't get back in bed, I told him it was time for bed and laid him back down. He got up again, and without saying anything I put him back in bed. He did this about 15 times at least, but eventually he stayed put and went to sleep. It took almost 2 hours, but there wasn't any crying or screaming, so it went much better than I expected. Hopefully tonight will be the same or even better!

Reading a book

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No sleep yet...

How can it be that Alex is two years old and still rarely sleeps through the night? How? He's just one of those kids I guess - a little like me. I've heard that I was not a good sleeper as a small child either, and well, I'm still not. I'm too busy to sleep. There are too many things I want to get done and I'm just not that tired! But I do need some sleep.

Last night I of course didn't go to bed like I should have, I stayed up until almost 1am,which is very typical. Alex woke up around that time and came into our room and climbed into our bed. I tried to get him back to sleep, which he was partially, but he was rolling around, hitting me in the face and kicking. He does this almost every night, although sometimes it is later. I'd finally had enough, so I snuck downstairs to sleep on the couch. A little while later I heard some noises, and here is Alex on the top of the stairs crying, "mommy, where you at? mommy?" It was so sad, nearly made me cry, but I stayed put and let Andy take care of it, which eventually he did.

The second he woke up he also came downstairs looking for me, and not finding me once again started crying, "mommy, where you at mommy?" Awww... he's such a momma's boy, but still. Someday I have to get some sleep. I've been going on 4 or 5 hours a night, with some nights even much less since the kids started school, and I'm starting to get a little cranky. Ideas anyone? I just don't know what to do with this kid.

I thought that maybe he'd be a little upset with the kids in school all day, but he loves spending all day with me. He also loves that he can get into Faye and Drew's things without them yelling at him....

Putting on Faye's jewelry

And when he's done playing he actually puts everything away neatly.

Yep - we're those parents....

We took the kids to the planetarium Saturday night. They LOVE the planetarium, so we got a membership there as well. I'm not sure what is with us lately with all these memberships, but we'll have a lot to do this year!

Yes, the kids are in their PJ's - we're those sort of parents. I never thought I'd be taking my kids around town in their PJ's, especially when they're almost 6, but well, it worked. The show was at 8pm, and they would have been too tired and cranky after to get ready for bed. Alex actually slept through the entire show....

And I really have no idea what Drew is doing, but he's doing it in every picture Andy took.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday fun!

It was a short school week for the kids and it was much needed. They had Monday off, and had an early dismissal today. School is making the kids tired, really tired. They come home cranky and hungry, and hopefully soon it will just be hungry. At some point in time they have to get used to full day Kindergarten, right?

Since it was an early dismissal day, we had a play date with their friends Maddie and Savannah at the Orpheum Children's museum. The Orpheum is small, but the kids usually have a lot of fun there and I've never actually been there when it has been busy. I decided to purchase a membership for the year so we can visit more often, especially in the winter months. Alex will be extremely happy because there is a Thomas train table and he LOVES Thomas (and I will be extremely happy because I'll be able to take a book or some crochet projects to work on - he will play for hours with trains).

He spent most of the time at the train table, and the rest outside digging for dinosaur bones in the sand. Messy but so much fun! There are a lot of interesting things here in such a small space. We had so much fun today! We even found a fuzzy caterpillar outside and the kids carried it around forever!

After playing we picked up Faye's new glasses. I've always wanted her to have some black frames, but I always let her choose the ones she wants. She is the one who has to wear them all day every day. But this time she chose some black frames- I was so thrilled! We looked at 3 different stores and these were her favorites. Aren't they so cute?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yummy Cupcake!

One of the moms I know (Beverly) from Faye and Drew's preschool posted a picture on Facebook of a paper cupcake she made, and it was so ridiculously cute I had to find out more. Beverly told me she got a template at Hobby Lobby near the scrap-booking section.

Andy and I looked and looked at Hobby Lobby, but I couldn't find it. I wasn't really sure what I was looking for, and I'm not sure Andy was actually looking, as whenever we go into Hobby Lobby he gets a little weirded out. I even asked a sales associate, figuring that since it was something so cute everyone in the store must know what I was talking about. Not the case. But I kept searching, and I found it! It was $5, but totally worth it (to me, not Andy).

I made one for each of the kids to put in their lunchboxes tomorrow. Inside I put a couple pieces of candy they got at the parade yesterday.

Here is the top of the cupcake...

And the side view...

I just absolutely love these!! If I had time I would be making these all day long! Thanks to Beverly for showing me this - the kids are going to love it!