Monday, August 23, 2010

Update on our van

I was in a minor accident on Tuesday afternoon. Alex and I were on the way to the store, stopped at a red light, and a girl rear ended the van. She hit us fairly hard, so I am guessing she was either talking on the phone or texting. Do you talk or text while driving? It is very dangerous, and if I had seen her with her phone in hand after we pulled over I would have been very angry. You may not have small children, but the person you hit while texting/talking may. Do you want to be responsible for injuring a baby or child? Or anyone? Please don't text and drive!!! It is not worth it!

We were both fine, but I had a killer headache the rest of the evening. Alex slept through the accident, only waking up for a minute when she hit us. I asked him later if he heard a bang, and he said, "big bang, mommy." He was a little cranky that evening too, but it is hard to tell if it was from the accident or just from being a 2 year old.

I took the van in for an estimate on Friday morning. The inspectors only did a visual estimate, but the damages were well over $2,000. They are guessing there is more damage, but they can't tell without removing the bumper. Our van is a 1995 Toyota Previa, so as you probably already know, the insurance company said it was totaled. We are now searching for a 'new' van, and we'll have to find something quickly or I'll be doing a lot of walking and the kids will be riding the bus to school.

Here is the drivers side - you can see the bumper is hanging off a little bit. We can still drive it for now, but it makes some crazy noises.

The passenger side with the bumper also coming loose...

The middle of the bumper is pushed way in, but I couldn't get a good picture.

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