Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slippers & Hats

A few months back I bought this book, Weekend Sewing. The reviews for this book are not great, but there are a lot of neat sewing ideas, so I figured it was worthwhile. A lot off the issues people had with the sewing patterns was the sizes were not coming out correctly, or omissions in the instructions. The good thing about sewing things yourself is that you can make adjustments to fit your size, and if most of the instructions are there, I can usually figure out the next step.

I decided to try making the slippers first, and they turned out well. I made size medium (7-8), and they are a little small for me, so I will make the large size next time. My feet are really size large (9-10) anyways, but they are so skinny I usually need a smaller size so they don't fall off my feet.

Faye has already asked for a pair - now I just have to really scale them down!

My other recent project -The Apple Hat...

Alex has been asking me for a red hat. He has been a little chatterbox lately, telling me all sorts of things. It really is fun when your little one starts to talk and you can have an actual conversation.

He's rolling his eyes here, one of his new favorite things. I caught him in the bathroom a few days ago, looking in the mirror and making faces, then giggling at himself.

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mrs. fisher's findings said...

That is so great how you made your own slippers! And that hat is adorable!