Monday, August 30, 2010

School lunches

Since there are very few days with vegetarian lunch options at school, Faye and Drew will be taking their lunch almost every day. I got them each a Laptop Lunch Box, and they are working out great (well, the kids were having a little trouble getting them open, but I think they've figured that part out now)!

The lunchboxes contain 4 individual boxes to put different items, or you can leave them out if you have one or two bigger items. There is one larger container with a lid, so I can put applesauce, pudding, or soy yogurt for the kids, and one small condiment container for salad dressing/ketchup/whatever you need. There is a space for silverware, and then it all goes into an insulated carrier with room for a water bottle. I first saw these lunchboxes on a vegan blog when reading about how much waste there is from a typical kids lunchbox - plastic baggies, individual containers of pudding/applesauce, etc. With these lunchboxes - I don't have to buy any prepackaged items, so less waste!!

They have been eating PB&J for lunch everyday, but I've been trying to add some 'fun' things as well. Today it was carrot flowers...

My kids love carrots, but are not so fond of plain old cucumbers. They like pickles, but I've yet to get them to eat plain cucumbers. When I showed Andy my creation this morning, he of course doubted that the kids would eat it. He was WRONG!! Drew ate all of his cucumber/carrot flowers, and Faye ate all but one, which she then finished at home.

If you know of any cute lunchbox ideas pass them my way please!!


Jeffrey said...

Carrot/Cucumber flower is adorable. I may have to make those sometime just to entertain myself :-)

Stephanie said...

I know, right! How could you not want to eat these?