Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indiana State Fair

We spent the day yesterday at the Indiana State Fair. Why Indiana and not Illinois? Andy planned the trip, and if you know my husband, you know he searches for deals. He LOVES to find good deals or reduced prices. In Indiana we only had to pay admission fees for me and Andy, and they had $15 wrist bands to ride all the Kiddie rides from noon until 10pm. If you've ever gone to a fair in recent years, you know that they charge ridiculous amounts of money to go on the rides. For all of us to ride the ferris wheel one time, it would be $20.

Of course the ferris wheel was not included in the kiddie rides, so we didn't get to ride it, but there were a lot of rides to choose from. Alex could only go on one ride by himself, the rest he was not tall enough so he required an adult to ride with him - lucky me. After a couple rides I tried to talk Andy into getting a wristband so he could spin and spin and spin in circles, but I think he liked watching my face turn green.

This was the worst ride - the kids would get this spinning so fast I literally could not see straight, but they had so much fun!

These cars went ridiculously fast for a kiddie ride!

This is my favorite picture.... they loved it!

Here was Alex's favorite ride...he could ride by himself and drive! What more could a 2 year old ask for?

We did walk around for a little bit and found another kid area with a play farm. The kids had to do farm chores, including planting seeds, feeding a cow and pig, driving a tractor, and milking a cow(all pretend of course) and at the end they got $1 to spend at the store - my kids each bought a chocolate chip granola bar. They had a lot of fun with it and look how cute they looked!

We thought the kids would be tired and we'd make it home by dinner, but nope - they wanted more rides. We took a little break indoors to relax and cool off in the Farm Bureau building. There were tractors and a barn of course... and somehow both kids fit into the barn.

We stopped by the rodeo, but the kids were anxious to ride some more rides. We got out of the fair just in time to have dinner before every restaurant closed and made it home by midnight!

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