Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Champster

Since we've had a crazy summer and were unable to actually plan a summer vacation, we've been doing vacation-like things around here. What do you always see when you go on vacation?  Putt Putt!

The kids had never played mini golf before so it was a little chaotic.  By little I mean very chaotic.  Most of the chaos was of course coming from Alex, who ended up being carried on my back about halfway through the course.

Andy was doing well at mini golf, as he usually does at this sort of thing.  When it was his turn, Faye and Drew started calling him 'The Champ'.  Faye even started chanting, "Champster, champster...."  They think their daddy can do anything and that he is the best - and I am so glad they do have such an awesome dad. Not everyone is so lucky!

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