Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy Birthday to Alex! My little baby is now two years old. Two! These two years have gone by so fast - it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.

He was just two days old here! Look at those little baby toes peeking out!

Now he's in his terrible 2's and is into everything! I should probably stop calling him a baby, but it will be hard. Really hard! He's my last baby and I want to slow time down... just for a little while anyways.

He has really been into trains lately, so I made him a train cake for his birthday. It is really a sad cake - I just did not have enough time, and I've never made a cake that actually stands up, so the middle fell in a little, but he seemed to be pleased with it so that is all that matters. I showed it to him this afternoon after his nap, and he had a HUGE smile and said, "Percy!" He told me he wanted a 'Percy' cake, so I was happy he thought it was OK.

Blowing his train whistle...

Blowing out his candles...

Opening presents...look at how hard he is concentrating on this!

He even got on the table for awhile to check out his new train set (thanks Aunt Sarah) and to open one of his presents....

Eating cake...

And here we all are...(why is it that I am always the only person smiling?)

Happy Birthday to Alex! Thanks to everyone for the cards and presents. He loves them all and is still up at 11pm playing with his new toys!

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