Saturday, July 31, 2010

Butterfly flutter by

It was finally, yes finally, time to give Faye her own room. One day about 3 years ago, I told the twins that when they were older they would have separate bedrooms. They screamed and cried and screamed some more. Then when Alex was born I brought it up again, mentioning that when Alex was old enough, he would share a room with Drew, and Faye would have her own room. Hmmm..... they thought about this for awhile and didn't really say much. Then one day about a year ago, Faye asked me, "When am I going to get my own room?" We talked about it again, and both Faye and Drew seemed excited. We just needed to wait until Alex was a little older. Now that he is no longer in a crib, it was TIME!

Faye wanted her new room to be purple, so I headed off to Home Depot on Friday morning to pick up some paint. I am THE WORST at picking out paint colors... I always, always pick out something really really strange or way too dark. But I have been thinking about her room for a long time, and already knew which color I would get... Butterfly flutter by(from the Disney collection). It was the lightest purple I could find.

When I first started painting the room, the kids kept asking me why it was white. It will be darker when I'm finished I told them. And it was... and it turned out great. Faye sat and watched me paint the whole time through both coats of paint. She was so excited, saying over and over, "My new room is gorgeous... I want to move in right now." It smelled too much like paint last night, and the bed we had stored in the basement needed to air out a bit, so she had to wait until tonight. That gave us a little more time to decorate her room. We still have some more pretty things planned for her room, but we'll have to finish those later.

She was so excited! (she actually decided to wear all purple today because she was so excited about her room)

The banner I made for Faye's room.

Her lamp and new basket. We already had the lamp, but the lamp shade was just plain boring white. We picked up some of this beaded purple trim and glued it on this morning. She really loved it!

At first, Drew seemed to really like the idea of sharing a room with Alex. But as the day wore on, he was really having second thoughts about that. He kept telling me, "I want a new room. I want to sleep with Faye." And on and on and on. I think he was OK with Faye having her own room, but we were really concentrating on her and her new room and he was feeling a little left out. After the kids went to bed last night, we talked about it and decided we should do a few things in his room too.

We planned on decorating his room with Mario decorations, we just hadn't planned on doing anything too quickly. Mario stuff is hard to find, which means I'll be making almost everything, which means lots and lots of work and time... and I'm just not that great at this stuff! But we did have some Mario posters that needed some frames, so we decided we would take him to the store to get some frames and make a big deal about him getting stuff in his room. It really seemed to help!! We'll get to the painting and all that later... he wants red and blue in his room, and those colors will be so hard to pick out!

Here is one of his Mario posters... the picture is terrible but you can get the idea.

And here is Alex's little area now, under Drew's bed. We do have a twin mattress for him, but we figured we would use his crib mattress as long as we can, either until he outgrows it or until he is potty trained. His little table fits under there too, and the boys were having a good time playing there.

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