Thursday, July 1, 2010

2nd week of gymnastic camp

Faye and Drew just finished their second week of gymnastic camp. The theme this week was healthy eating and fitness, so they talked about the food pyramid and put on a little skit for us at their performance today. The kids showed us their vault, floor, balance beam(girls) and rings(boys). They were so cute and I loved watching them. They have really learned a lot in 8 days! They got ribbons at the end today and were so excited about those.

Faye vaulting

Drew vaulting

Drew on the rings

Faye on the balance beam

Faye on the floor(at the end you can see Alex running out there - oops)

Drew on the floor

I decided to sign them up for gymnastics camp next week too. The theme for next week is Circus, so I know they will enjoy that. They are having a blast with this camp!

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