Monday, June 21, 2010

Terrible 2's!!

This is how I found Alex this afternoon -

bathing himself in our kitchen sink. I was upstairs for about 5 minutes, but that was long enough for him to climb onto our counter and hop in the sink. He used about half the container of soap and had the cold water running. I guess he thought he was dirty.

He is really really starting to cause trouble around here, throwing tantrums and getting into everything!! Makes our day interesting.

It was so hot yesterday afternoon, we decided to turn our AC on. We almost never use it, as I love summer and wait all year to get hot, so what is the point in being cold in the summer too? But I had a headache and after spending almost all day for two days in the sun, I needed it. Our AC just doesn't cool off the upstairs well, so we had the kids sleep in their sleeping bags downstairs. They were so excited!!

And surprisingly enough they went right to sleep... even Alex who never goes to sleep! He didn't have a sleeping bag, so he used Drew's comforter. We picked up a sleeping bag for him today since it seems like its going to be hot for the next few days! We may even try taking them camping later this summer... we'll see about that.


Maggi said...

It's nice to know that there are other people besides me who don't like to use their air conditioning. I haven't turned it on yet this year. I did have to sleep in the basement last night to cool off, but I'd rather do that than turn the air on.

Stephanie said...

We maybe turn it on for 10 days a year -maybe. I really don't like air conditioning(and Andy is too cheap), plus it wastes so much energy. If we dine out in the summer we almost always eat outside too. On the rare occasions when I do get really hot, I just remind myself how freakin cold I was last winter, and I'm usually OK.