Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's a jungle out there...

Our garden could only be described as a jungle. We put compost over our whole garden this spring, at least 2 inches deep if not more. That combined with the 7+ inches of rain this month and really hot and sunny weather, has created a small jungle in our garden.

It looked like it was ready to storm again this afternoon, so Drew and I headed out to the garden to see what we could find. I actually couldn't see Drew at one point, and figured he decided to go back in the house. I called his name and out he popped from between our peas and tomatoes. It really is getting wild out there(but the only wild thing I've seen has been a baby bunny)!

We found a ton of green beans. Yum!! I only picked what I thought we would eat for dinner, but there are so many more. I know what we're going to be eating the next few days! We also found lots of cucumbers, including one that should have been picked a few days ago but got overlooked in the jungle, three zucchinis, and two strawberries! I don't know why the zucchini are light green colored, they are a new variety I am trying this year, so we'll see how they taste. They're marinating in the fridge for later. We still have lots of strawberries on the plants, but they are having a difficult time turning red since they are being overtaken by our green beans. They may have to be moved to their own spot next summer.

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