Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gymnastics camp - lots of videos and pictures!

On Monday Drew and Faye started Gymnastics camp at the YMCA. I was a little worried about dropping them off in the morning and leaving them until noon, but since we've been members for quite some time now they know a lot of the people that work there and know their way around.

When I returned at noon on Monday, they were just finishing up and then came running over to me. They were thrilled! There were 3 other boys in Drew's class, and a boy teacher who was playing rough with them, throwing the boys in the pit and chasing them around. This was perfect for Drew!! There were only 2 other girls in Faye's class, and they spent a lot of time working on cartwheels. I heard about cartwheels all day long after the 1st day. Faye kept telling me, "I love cartwheels!"

They also had T-ball in the evening this week, so the kids have been so tired all week long. Faye fell asleep in the van once, and Drew kept falling asleep on the couch last night. We basically had to drag the kids out of bed this morning. Today was their last day this week(they are also signed up for next week), and they put on a little show for the parents. It was so cute!

Faye went first for her floor routine. I asked her after we were at home if she was nervous about going first, and she acted like that was the silliest thing I've ever asked her. She told me it was just some people and babies watching - no big deal.

Drew was a little more nervous about performing, but he did really well. He did his forward rolls and was going to stop, but the teacher got him to do one cartwheel. Yay!

They also performed routines on the double trampoline and the trampoline, and then had an awards ceremony.

The kids were so excited about getting the medals! They are excited to start next week's classes now. They're going to be so so tired after another week of gymnastics and T-Ball!

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