Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy week!

When Faye and Drew were babies, we were crazy busy taking care of them. I always assumed as they got older, we'd have more time. Things seem so hectic when you have babies. Well, I was WRONG! I think as the kids grow, you get busier and busier!

The kids had T-ball this week and played their first 'real' game. They split the 10 kids into teams of 5, Team Purple and Team Tree this week. They always change the names and the kids get a kick out of that. They each had a few turns at bat and loved it! Faye actually got passed by the runner behind her, which was really funny. She is still confused, but is doing much better.

We also went bowling with a friend from preschool this week. The kids love bowling and had a great time, but bowling is really expensive! I spent $18 for Drew and Faye to bowl 2 games. Only 2! After the fact, I saw that you can sign your kids up to bowl for free for the summer, until August 30th. Here is the link if you want to check for a bowling alley near you.

We are now signed up and ready to bowl! Each week you get coupons emailed to you - you can bowl up to 2 games per kid per day! We still have to rent the shoes, but that actually makes this affordable! I also purchased the family pass, so up to 4 adults can also bowl 2 games per day for the rest of the summer. It was $24.95, but I found an online coupon code (bowling5), that took off $5, making the pass $19.95. I'm ready to go bowling!! Anyone have size 8 or 9 bowling shoes they want to loan me for the summer?

We went shopping for Father's Day presents for Andy this week. We didn't have much luck, but he is really hard to buy presents for. He only wants electronics, and unfortunately I just don't know that much about that stuff. But we picked out a few things - one of which Drew already showed Andy the instructions. He is terrible at keeping secrets! We had to stop at the mall to play for a little while. It is one of the kids favorite places!

We decided to stop and have lunch, since we were so hungry and had more places to stop. I felt so brave, taking them out to lunch all by myself! OK, so I was a little worried, but Faye and Drew are awesome when Andy and I take them out now. If anyone else is with us of course they act up, but with just us they are great! Alex, he's a different story, but he can be good sometimes. We ate at McAllisters, a place that does have PB&J's for the kids. They are huge, and they cut the sandwiches into little towers for the kids. The kids loved this so much and renamed them Volcano Sandwiches. We just had to make them at home.

So this is actually a picture of my sandwich - I don't give the kids that many chips. Who says a mom can't have a Volcano Sandwich too?

I found the kids some squirt guns at Michael's - 3 for $1. So they are little and will probably break soon, but they are having a blast. Yesterday I could hear the kids plotting - they were going to hide and get Andy when he came home from work. They were outside over an hour just waiting and plotting. Faye finally realized that if she got daddy, he'd probably do something to her, so she told Drew he was on his own. He seemed OK with that - and Andy did retaliate! He's trying to dunk Drew in the pool - and Faye is trying to help Drew!

We spent the rest of our time this week eating peas in the garden and getting ready for our yard sale. The kids did really well helping find toys to sell. We woke up this morning to pouring rain, and after all that hard work(not to mention mess in our house) I was about to cry! But then the sun came out and we were ready! We made over $100 today, and I think tomorrow will be busier since it is a Saturday! Faye was the money helper today.

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