Saturday, June 12, 2010

2nd week chaos

This was the 2nd full week the kids were out of school, and it was a little chaotic. And not really in a good way. I am having trouble keeping up with the kids and the house and everything. I have been spoiled the past 9 months or so with them in preschool. They only went 3 days a week, for 3 hours a day, but that is 9 hours a week with them out of the house. 9 hours! I still had one kid at home with me, but since he never slept at night, as soon as I put him in the van he was asleep, leaving me with at least 4 or 5 hours every week to get things done. That is a ton of time, and I could do all the shopping and errands, and usually clean the house a little. Now, I have to find the time while they are at home. It is impossible (I'm ready to give up). As soon as I go upstairs, the kids get everything out downstairs. EVERYTHING. Alex even found the play dough and had that out, all over the floor. Another day he was writing on the floor with markers. Chaos! I think our house will be a mess all summer - unless there is some miracle (like a housekeeper).

All this chaos wore Alex out!

Andy started school this week too. Finally!! I've been bugging him for years to get his masters degree. One of the benefits of his job is free tuition. Free! Why wouldn't you take advantage of that? He is getting his masters degree in Management Information Systems at UIS (University of Illinois Springfield). It's not completely free - he still has to pay for books and they are still a rip off! One of his accounting books was around $120. He was able to find the International edition for $40. He's enrolled in 2 summer classes right now, so he is keeping busy!

We finally have peas ready in our garden, which are the kids favorite. They ask me all day long, "can we go find some peas?" I don't blame them, they are really really good. Even Velvet has got in on that action. Usually she just eats the empty shells the kids have thrown on the ground, but I saw her bite a pea pod off the plant yesterday and eat it.

I had to order some things from Amazon, and in order to qualify for free shipping, I needed to spend a few more dollars. I found this Volcano making kit for $7, and knew the kids would love it. They have a book about volcanoes, and were just watching a show about them too. It arrived this week and they couldn't wait to get started on this. They asked me about every 5 minutes, "can we do the volcano?" That went on for a whole day!

First thing Friday morning, we decided to get started. The kit comes with a plastic mold and some plaster, so you have to make the volcano and let it dry. My kids asked every minute if it was dry, they were so ready to erupt that volcano! The plaster gets really hot as it dries (it only takes about 30 minutes), which the kids found really exciting. "Ooh, its going to erupt soon!" the kids were yelling and giggling. Next we had to paint the volcano and let that dry. Finally, when Andy got home from work, we were ready.

It really wasn't that exciting, but they had a great time with it. The great thing is we can use this volcano over and over, or we can use the mold and make new ones, so it was a great buy!

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