Sunday, May 23, 2010


We had a busy but fun weekend. I think this was the first weekend in May that it has not been raining, so we had a lot of outdoor work to do. First off, mowing. Alex is a big help there... or at least he thinks he is helpful. As soon as he sees our mower, he grabs his bubble mower and heads out to mow. We can't keep him away, and we try. If he is in the house, he looks out the window and yells out, "MOW" in a really sad voice. Once outside, he gets wherever Andy is mowing, so Andy has to keep stopping the mower. I think I'll take him to the store next time we mow. But it is really really cute!

I spent all weekend pulling weeds. I missed out last year, with Alex being a baby I just did not have time so our yard was really neglected. I'm paying for it this year for sure! I made good progress, but have a lot more work to do. An overwhelming amount, but I'm sure it will get done, and if not, it will be there next year. It was about 90 degrees today, and as I was pulling weeds I decided I'd set up the pool for the kids. They were all inside, so I figured I would get it filled up and let the water warm up before they were ready to play.

They soon discovered the pool, and just couldn't wait, so they got on their swimsuits and jumped right in. The water was still freezing, but little kids just don't seem to care. I sure wish I could be that way!

They splashed and splashed until lunch(and after too), when I had to refill the pool because it was almost empty. They were throwing water in the air to make rain. At least our flowers/grass got watered this morning. And my clothes I hung up outside took a little longer to dry... but I didn't think that one out too well so that was my fault.

Andy was in the house looking up prices for van batteries. Our van died this morning, but Andy was able to get it started and found a good deal on a new one. I told the kids when he walked outside to get him. They did a fairly good job - and I promised them they wouldn't get in trouble!

All the outdoor play really wore out Alex, and he fell asleep watching some Sesame Street on You Tube(yes, our baby loves You Tube). He rarely takes a nap, but he needed one today ! I had a hard time convincing him to come inside this afternoon, so I'm guessing when he wakes up he'll be heading for the pool again.

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