Friday, May 28, 2010

Velvet's 10th Birthday!

Our dog Velvet turned 10 years old today! It is amazing when we think about it, she has been with us forever! Before the kids were born, even before we were married, she has been there through it all. She spends most of the day now laying under our bed, but she does make appearances to bark at the mail man or UPS man, or to greet Andy when he gets home from work. She knows time very well, and knows just when to come downstairs for these events.

We decided to make her some cupcakes for her birthday. Velvet loves sweets! She especially loves sugar cookies, but it was just too hot to spend all day in the kitchen making cookies. So we went with vanilla cupcakes and I spelled out her name with frosting. The kids were excited, but I don't think Velvet could have cared less.

I made Andy put her on the chair (outside of course) so we could get her picture while we were singing Happy Birthday. She knew something weird was going on, but she just wasn't sure what it was. She never sits on our chairs, so it was making her a little upset. As soon as we were done singing she took off with her cupcake and laid in the grass for awhile.

She loves to get presents, especially the unwrapping part, so we were able to coax her back in the house. She grabbed the presents and just started going at them. She knows how to unwrap them in record speed. She got a new travel food dish and a new Frisbee like toy.

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