Thursday, May 27, 2010


I finally took the kids to get their pictures taken at the mall today. It is such a drag for me, getting them all dressed, keeping them clean, and then getting them to actually stand/sit for their picture, that I don't take them often. I should get the kids there more regularly, but it just doesn't happen. Then you have to actually decide what pictures you want, and that is even more difficult. They're all so cute! You can view their pictures here.

Alex went first today by himself. He did really good. He sat and smiled and was really cute. I was really surprised by this, as I figured he'd be running and jumping all over the place (but keep reading).

Faye went second, and was such a little cutie getting her picture taken. Drew, well, Drew was himself. He doesn't like to listen, or have his picture taken, so I guess he did OK under the circumstances. He knew that once he was done he could play some Super Mario Bros on the Nintento DS, so he sort of listened - and jumped around in between pictures. He won't smile, but if that is the worst thing then I can live with that. I think we did end up with one smile. When I ask him why he won't smile, he still tells me he doesn't know how. What?

The group picture was a little more difficult. Alex wanted to be up there with Drew and Faye, but he wouldn't sit or stand still. We spent about 30 minutes trying to get a good group photo, with most of the time spent chasing Alex. I got my workout in for today! Maybe next year it will work a little better, when I can bribe him with something too.

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