Sunday, May 9, 2010

moms day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!

Faye and Drew made me a Mother's Day present at preschool last week. They told me about it several times earlier in the week, so I could tell they were really excited, but they did manage to keep what they made a secret. Friday they came dashing out of the classroom holding their gifts, wrapped in tissue paper, by them, with a card and everything. They couldn't wait for me to open them, but their teachers told the kids we had to wait until we got home to open them, and they have good reason. School dismissal is a little crazy, with kids and parents all over the hallway. If I don't put Alex in the stroller he is taking off down the hallway and playing with the water fountain or trying to get on the elevator with other kids. Faye and Drew and Maddie are hugging each other and lifting each other up, and then shouting goodbye to each other. It is crazy!

Once home, the kids ran, and I mean ran into the house and stood just inside the door waiting for me to get in the house, and shoved the gifts at me. They were so excited and that was just the best, to see them so happy! They were so proud of what they made - little soaps for me!

They also helped Andy pick out an orchid and pot for me. I've always thought they were so beautiful, but I've never had one before. I'll probably kill it, as I do most other flowering plants, but I'll try my best to keep it alive! Alex looks really interested in it, as he has been in all plants lately, which includes him pulling off all the leaves and flowers. I may have to keep it out of his reach. He took almost all the leaves off my violet, a few blooms off my hibiscus, and all the blooms off my daisy's outside! He also has been taking the leaves off my lemon balm, but he can't hurt that one. If only I could get him interested in my tarragon - it is already overgrown!

We went out to my favorite restaurant last night (which has margaritas of course), and the kids were so well behaved. Alex slept the whole time laying across my lap in the booth. He was once again completely out, since he hadn't had a nap yet. The restaurant was so loud, and his little hand kept falling down so it was hanging and had to be uncomfortable, but he didn't stir. It was really nice having him sleeping so we could sit and relax. Then we took the kids to the Planetarium. We've taken Drew and Faye a few times, but not since Alex was born. They all loved it, and Alex even sat through the whole show.

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