Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids say the funniest things!

Faye and Drew have been asking me over and over, for weeks if not months, if they can have their friend Maddie from preschool over to play. I finally asked Maddie's mom, and we decided they would have a play date after school on Friday. The kids were so excited!

When Maddie arrived, the kids ran around the house shouting "Maddie, Maddie look at this!" or "Maddie come look over here!" It was a little crazy. But they soon calmed down and colored pictures while I made lunch. Drew looked up and finally realized her mom was gone and asked where she went. Then he asked me, "How many days is Maddie going to stay?" Kids say the funniest things!

Drew could not wait to show Maddie New Super Mario Bros. I told them they could play after lunch. They loved showing her their favorite game, and I think Maddie really liked it too! She would start giggling when the kids would do funny stuff in the game and it was so cute. Look how serious they all look!

We also got out the barn, which was a big hit. Faye and Maddie decided to pretend like they were chickens. It really is so much fun to just sit back and watch what the kids come up with!

Maddie's mom, Tiffany came to pick her up, along with Maddie's sister, Savannah, and the kids played awhile longer. We went out to the garden area and the kids were swinging and playing, and Maddie said, "This is the best time I've had in years!"

We could later hear all the kids deciding who was going to sleep where, working out all those details on their own. After they left my kids were trying to decide where we could have Maddie's parents sleep when they stayed over. They are too funny! Drew was a little upset when they left, but I assured him they could come over and play again, although they would probably not all stay the night!

The kids also had a field trip to the fire station at school on Friday. They got fire chief hats, and after they put their pj's on they wanted to wear them to bed. Drew wanted to know if firemen wore their hats to bed. They both were telling me all about what to do in case of a fire, and I was impressed! I usually feel like they don't listen at school, because I ask them what they talked about and they have no idea, but they must have been paying attention yesterday!


mrs. fisher's findings said...

Do you guys live in the country? You mentioned going out to the barn. That's fun!

p.s.- Touch a Tractor day is the first Saturday in June - since you guys missed Touch a Truck day. :)

Stephanie said...

Nope. We live in town by Eisner Park. We have one of those pop-up things I found at Target a couple years back. It just happens to be a barn with doors and all and the kids LOVE it! It was totally worth the $!