Friday, May 21, 2010


Alex's favorite words - or most used anyways

  1. Me!! Being the 3rd child, he really knows how to assert himself. If I ask if somebody wants something/wants to go someplace, without even knowing what I am talking about, he yells out 'ME!' He also uses this if I try to help him with something that very clearly(in his mind) he can do himself. We never experienced this with Drew and Faye. They always wanted me to do everything for them - and still do today.
  2. Mine! Apparently everything belongs to Alex, or so he thinks. Faye and Drew are having a hard time with this one, and I now often hear them arguing back and forth with Alex. The conversation usually goes like this: Alex: Mine, Faye: No, mine. Alex: Mine, Faye: NO! MINE! And on and on and on.
  3. Mom, Dad, Bay(Faye), Eww(Drew). He loves to point to each of us and call out our names. It is a fun game(well, for him) that he can play over and over and over.
  4. Help. He asks for help with everything, even before he needs it. Contradicts with #1, but usually goes something like this; I give him his water bottle and try to open it for him, but he yells ME! so I hand it over and then he yells HELP!, before even attempting to open it.
  5. Drink. He runs to the fridge and yells out 'Drink!' If nobody is around he flips out and starts screaming and crying - he hasn't figured out how to open the door yet, thank goodness! It appears he also hasn't figured out he needs to ask one of us to get him a drink, rather than shout 'Drink' at the fridge.
  6. Home. I think he is a little confused about this one. He knows home, when we talk about if daddy is home or at work, but he also uses 'home' when he wants to go somewhere in the van.
  7. Here. He just learned this word a few weeks ago, and loves to use it.
  8. Diaper. This is also a new one he just learned. I've been really dragging my feet over starting potty training with him. I think he is ready, but I guess I'm not. We finally started this week, which only includes him sitting on the potty when we change his diaper(no success yet but he's having a lot of fun), and watching big brother to hopefully get the idea/inspiration. When he is done trying, he'll go to his room and try to climb the changing table and tell me 'diaper'. When he needs a new diaper he'll also start messing with it and tell me 'diaper'. Which leads me to believe he is ready to start potty training, among several other things. Today though, when I told him he was going to be a big boy, he shook his head and said, 'no, baby.'
Most of these are probably normal favorite words for an almost 2 year old. He started off really slow talking, but now he talks all the time. He repeats just about every word I say, and his vocabulary is huge! I'm so amazed how quickly little kids learn! He doesn't like to combine words too much yet, but I hear sentences sometimes. If he can get by with one word, that's all we get!

Sometimes he comes up with really cute things he says. Tonight after dinner we had chocolate chip cookie bars for dessert. The kids each had one, but wanted more of course. Andy cut them each a small piece and told them to go sit down. Alex came back over to his chair and then told us, while shaking his head "That's it!" He knew he was pushing his luck with two.

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