Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day at the Park

It is a beautiful day in Champaign, not too much wind, and sunny. Tuesdays and Thursdays are long days (for me) now, since the kids have swim lessons at 5pm instead of in the morning. So we have to find something to do or I go crazy - mostly because the kids have so much energy. Where do they get this energy from? It is non-stop from 6:30am until bedtime, and their bedtime is 9pm! No naps, the only rest time I have is when they each pick out one PBS show to watch. I can't keep up!

Since it was so nice, we decided we'd pack a lunch and spend some time at Clark Park. We live so close to Eisner Park that we go there almost every day in the summer, so I love going to other parks and so do the kids.

We decided to put down blankets rather than eat at the picnic table like we usually do. The kids LOVED it. We sat under a couple of huge maple trees and it was cool and shady. PB&J's for the kids of course!

Faye wearing her new sunglasses...

This is the first time she wore them and we bought them about a month ago. It is the very first pair of prescription sunglasses she has had, and anytime she gets new glasses she refuses to wear them. I made her put them on for about 15 minutes today, and I'll have to keep doing that until she eventually gets used to them. What a terribly mean parent I am!!

Drew climbing across the bar...

He is so strong he can climb up any pole and then make his way across - even if it isn't meant for that! He was hanging there for about 5 minutes, after climbing across from the other side, asking me to take his picture.

Alex loves playing in our sandbox, which was another reason we chose Clark Park. They have a really huge sandbox with lots and lots of trucks! He really liked it, but had a hard time choosing which truck to play with.

We spent almost 3 hours at the park today and had a wonderful time. Some days being a stay at home mom is the best! Alex is now even taking a nap- I guess I wore one kid out! We decided next time it is nice we'll try Hessel Park.


mrs. fisher's findings said...

That park looks familiar, where is it again?

Stephanie said...

It is about one block North of the Champaign Country Club. If you are on Prospect,head west on William street I think(it is between Springfield and Kirby). It is a nice park, but no potty's unfortunately.