Sunday, May 23, 2010

Avast ye!!

My little pirates(in their pj's)!

Faye and Drew went to a friend's birthday party yesterday. It was pirate themed. The party was for their preschool friend Ozzy. I'm not sure they actually ever play or talk to Ozzy at school, but I try to encourage them to be social. I asked them if they wanted to go, and they were very excited about going to a party. They even picked out his present, although I think they picked out what they wanted, rather than what they thought he would like.

Ozzy's mom decorated the whole yard - the sandbox had buried treasure, they could walk the plank, there were torches with fire, etc. It was a beautiful day and the yard looked really cool. I wish I had thought about taking my camera and getting some photos! When we first arrived they were a little shy and wanted me to stay, but after a few minutes they were running around with their pirate swords, so I told them I was leaving and they were OK with it.

They got goody bags with eye patches and compasses, and after their bath put them on and ran around our yard. They had a blast, and the eye patches were back on first thing this morning too!

The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea. Two little pirates running around in their pj's with eye patches and swords. They slept really good last night!

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