Monday, April 19, 2010


The kids love having snacks, and who doesn't really? I love having snacks throughout the day, the kids love them, even our dog likes them. We're a snack-loving family. I've even heard that my brother often asks his girlfriend what snacks are around the apartment. Gotta have our snacks!

The kids have snacks at preschool every day. The parents all take turns signing up and bringing snacks. We usually sign up once a month - and we usually have to run to the store the night before and decide what to take. Of course we can't bring anything homemade. Anything we take has to be in a sealed container. And we try to bring somewhat healthy snacks, the last time we took organic fruity cheerios, but I think we must be about the only parents. Every day when we are eating lunch, the kids and I talk about school. Their favorite part is snack time and gym/park time. They had cookies today... and cookies on Friday, and before that... COOKIES! Usually it is Oreo's, but sometimes Chips Ahoy or other brands. Every other kid brings cookies(or cupcakes or donuts) for their morning snack. It is a morning snack - at approximately 10:30 in the morning! Do you feed your kids cookies for a morning snack? Ever? Am I missing something here? I don't think I have ever fed the kids cookies for a snack. I'm not saying we always eat the best snacks - a lot of times the kids reach for fruit snacks and graham crackers or soy yogurt, but really, cookies? If it is a morning snack here it is cereal or fruit. I just don't understand what has happened. I'm guessing the parents let the kids choose, but do they realize the kids are eating this every day and they are OK with it? I am at the point of frustration where I would say something, but they only have a few weeks left so what is the point now? I have a feeling the teachers would just tell me to pack something else for my kids, rather than try to explain healthy snacks to the parents. And the kids will have enough time in the future they'll be singled out for their 'weirdness', so I don't want to start that already!

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Maggi said...

I would totally say something to the school. They should have some sort of requirement for the parents to bring a healthy snack. I agree that it's a little ridiculous to be giving the kids that sugary junk every day for a morning snack. Maybe the school should be providing a list of acceptable snacks to the parents at the beginning of the year. I'm sure the teachers would prefer something healthier. Who wants to deal with kids that are crazier than they already are?