Monday, April 26, 2010

The results are in....

Saturday we got a letter from the Champaign School District... the kids will be attending South Side next year! It was our first choice school, so we were very happy! The stress of not knowing is finally over. It is the smallest school in the district, with only 2 classes at each grade level, and they are OK with the twins being in the same class. Hopefully in a year or two we will get them in separate classes, but for the first year we really want them to stay together. It is also one of the schools with the latest start time, 8:30am, which will still be a struggle for us, but much easier than a 7:30am or 7:50am start. We told the kids last night, and they were like, 'what do you mean? which school?' They were not that excited. We've talked with them several times about Kindergarten, but I think they are still a little confused.

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