Friday, April 9, 2010


I love spring, especially on days like today when I wake up to find surprises like this... my hibiscus tree blooming again. I managed to keep it alive all winter!

There are so many great things about it, the warm weather, the spring flowers, walks to the park with the kids, spring storms, and of course gardening. But it is the most overwhelming time of year for me too. I can barely keep up with things during the winter, especially with the little people following behind me and undoing everything I've just done. As soon as Spring arrives, it seems as if my work doubles. Not only do I have to take care of things inside the house, now I have to worry about the outside.

I don't really mind the outdoor work - I prefer it over laundry any day. I just need to have a few more hours in each day. Shouldn't moms get a few extra hours? It only seems fair, but I am biased. We've decided our garden needs new compost this year. We have raised beds and well, they just aren't really raised anymore. Rather than pay to have a truckload delivered because it would have been way more than we needed, and way more than we wanted to spend, I bought two 7 gallon buckets of garden compost from the Landscape Recycling Center. Supposedly they come with free refills until the end of the year. I've been back and forth at least once a day for the past week, filling up the buckets with compost. I don't think they really expect anyone to be back for so many refills, but they did say unlimited. I've gotten a lot of looks from the guys working there, showing up in a skirt with 3 kids and a couple of buckets and a shovel. Maybe I should put the kids to work - find some more shovels and buckets?

Today it was time to re-pot some of my tomato plants and separate some of my basil. Last year we just did not have enough basil, but this year I went a little crazy. Need basil anyone? We've planning on having a garage sale in the next few weeks, so I think I'll try to give some away. Alex was very excited to help today, and since it was cold we worked inside. The kitchen looked like a garden when we were finished, but he had a blast and he didn't actually damage any plants.

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