Thursday, April 22, 2010

my morning project

Since the kids no longer have swim lessons on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we're able to mess around in the mornings now. Its really nice not having to get up and get going every morning, although it is probably better if we do. I have a feeling in a couple weeks I'll be even less ambitious and will probably still be in my pj's at this time, along with the kids.

This morning I decided to make a reusable grocery tote. We've been using reusable bags for a long time now, but just have the cheap Schnucks store bags. One of them I lost, and another has a huge rip in it. I hate the plastic bags, and get really annoyed when I forget my bags and have to use plastic. They will sometimes put one thing in a bag, ONE THING! How annoying is that? I usually re-bag all my stuff right there in front of them when they do that, and I think I end up annoying them. I tell them to stuff the bags full, but they never listen. I usually have at least one kid with me, if not more, and I don't have that many hands to carry all those bags, so the less the better. Plus with the amount of grocery shopping we do for a family of 5, we would likely have about a million bags in a month.

Alex and I picked out a yard of home decor fabric yesterday, since the bag needed to be made from a heavier weight fabric. It was really easy to make and took under 2 hours! I could probably do it in one hour, if the kids were not making messes and fighting and all that good kid stuff kids do when mom is busy with something else and not paying attention to them.

Both boys wanted to model the bag for me today! They are covered in marker - they've been busy too!


Maggi said...

You should check out this link.

Stephanie said...

I have heard of this - my mom has asked me several times when I'll crochet her a rug from plastic bags(my great-grandma did this, but long long ago). I just never knew exactly how to go about making it - but now I do! Thanks for the link!

hallie said...

Ooh, nice work on the bag! I always want them tightly packed too, like a fully-loaded santa sack.

Kristy said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Happy Earth Week and so stylish. Did you know in some cities they now charge you for the plastic bags...maybe you should start a business for your stylish bags!

mrs. fisher's findings said...

This bag looks great! I love the fabric! I love to use cloth bags at the grocery store, even IGA and Target give you $0.05 back if you use them. I always thought it'd be fun to total up those savings.