Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My little guy

Alex still rarely sleeps through the night, and he'll be 22 months old next week. Those of you considering having children, think about that first. You may never sleep well again... but he is so much fun it is worth a few sleepless years. If he doesn't take a nap during the day he may sleep from 10pm until 6:30am. Maybe... But then again I really really struggle to keep him awake during the day, because he is so tired he falls asleep the second I put him in the van, and he will not wake up! It doesn't matter how much I try to wake him, he is out.

That was the case this morning. We took the kids to preschool and went home and cleaned a little bit. But we were sick of that very quickly, and being that it was the 1st day in forever that my head did not hurt, we decided we should do something. We decided to head over to Prairie Gardens and get some beet seeds. I know... so exciting. Alex of course fell asleep on the way over, and I could not wake him up. I didn't have the stroller, so I brought my reusable bags in and put them in the cart, then laid him down on top. He slept the whole time we were in the store, legs all smushed up and everything.

We still had a little more time before we had to pick up Drew and Faye from school, so I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. He once again would not wake up, sleeping the whole time we were in the store. That's my little guy!

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mrs. fisher's findings said...

I love your blog! Wow, maybe your little guy does need a nap during the day. Our boys will not sleep good at night if they don't get a nap in. Maybe your head hurts because you aren't getting the rest you need. :) I think I would pull my hair out if I didn't get 8 hours of complete rest. :)