Monday, April 19, 2010

More electronics....

Here's our new TV! It is a 50" plasma and it is really nice having a large screen TV in our living room. It is way too big for our house though, so it looks a little ridiculous. You know what we've been up to lately - TV watching and we usually don't watch much TV. I even watched a golf tournament(well - some of it) it was so awesome!

Andy came down the stairs a couple weeks ago, late at night, and asks me, "should I buy a 50 inch TV?" He found a slick deal, once again, and you have to decide right away or they are gone. I told him to go for it, he has been talking about a bigger TV forever! I thought our 32" was just fine, but you know him, he can't keep things the same for long. We ended up getting the 50" TV for just $40 more than we paid for the 32" TV!

If only he can find a Hawaiian vacation on slick deals now... hint hint!

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