Friday, April 30, 2010

Mario room?

We've been talking to the kids(Drew and Faye) for awhile now about separate bedrooms. A year or so ago it resulted in tears every time, but now that they are used to the idea of sleeping in different rooms, they are really starting to get excited about it. As soon as Alex is old enough, which I'm guessing will be very soon, he'll move into the room with Drew, and Faye will get her own bedroom. They are very excited about being able to choose colors and decorations for their own rooms. Faye wants to have a light purple room with lots of girly stuff.

Drew had been talking about wanting his room red, with Lightning McQueen things, but I think he has changed that now to Mario. Anybody surprised? Andy has even shown Drew some photos of other Mario bedrooms, and they are really cool, but really? How are we going to do that? I've even looked for Mario fabric, but apparently there hasn't been any since the early 90's and it is impossible to find. I wonder how long he'll like Mario things. Is it just a phase he'll be over soon? Or will he always like Mario?

Drew compares everything to Mario right now. When we play the board game Sorry, its "mom, there is red, yellow, blue and green, just like in Mario." Or he has been telling me all the ways to add up numbers to 4, such as "mom, 1+1+2=4, just like in Mario." If you are not familiar with the game, in the New Super Mario Bros Wii game, there can be 4 players, with red Mario, green Luigi, yellow Toad, and blue Toad. He is also learning to write all the names. At least this game got him interested in writing and adding and reading!

I saw this and decided it looked like something useful to make. The kids and I headed to the fabric store to see what we could find for fabric on sale. We found some, and Drew also picked out a red and white polka dot fabric that to him 'looked like Mario mushroom fabric that I could make him something with'. I didn't pick any up then, but maybe I'll make him some toy storage baskets for his room later. Mine didn't work out exactly right and I had to make several modifications, so its good I made a practice basket anyways. Since I had no plans for it, I asked the kids what we should do with it, and Faye thought it would make a good place to put our library books.

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mrs. fisher's findings said...

I like it! It's cute and creative, especially a place to put your books. Looks like you have alot of them on the shelf! Great job!