Saturday, April 3, 2010

EA Sports

I'm sure as soon as I blogged about getting a Wii Fit, Andy ordered up EA Sports online. If I'm asking/thinking about something electronic, I think he takes that as a sign that he should solve that problem. If any of you need something, I'll put in a word and I'm sure it will be here within 3 days!

The kids have been loving the exercises, and they can be a workout. Andy and I are doing the 30 day workout and my legs were tired after Day 1.

I'm not really sure the kids 'get it' as exercise, but they are having fun and burning some of their energy when we can't be outside. They especially like the running in place. It really doesn't seem that exciting and it really is not, but even Alex is trying to get into it. Whatever works!! They were in bed asleep within 10 minutes tonight!!

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Kristy said...

oh my gosh...this is brilliant! i'm tired just watching them run!