Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coloring Frenzy

The kids are little coloring freaks right now. We have been going online and printing Super Mario coloring pages, as well as Winnie the Pooh and several others here. The kids love being able to pick out what they want to color, and then love running down to our basement to retrieve their pictures. Andy purchased a used laser printer a couple years ago, and this thing is huge, which is why it is in our yucky basement, but it works really great. It really beats the ink jet printers that you have to keep replacing the ink cartridges.

Here is what our table looks like most of the time now... even Alex is jumping in and coloring pictures, then bringing them to me to look at and hang on our refrigerator. They are making books with their pictures, and Drew even titled one of his books 'Mario and Pooh'. He didn't even ask me how to spell their names - either he is just maturing and getting into this whole reading/writing thing, or this whole Mario obsession really is good for him!

We've gone through lots and lots of markers and paper, but they will sit and color for hours at a time, so I am not complaining one bit! This stack is how many pictures they have colored in the past week. Seriously!

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