Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Registration completed!

After swim lessons this morning I took the kids and officially registered them for Kindergarten!  It was sort of a mess and I was about ready to either cry or pull my hair out by the time I left. I still have a headache 3 hours later! I had ALL 3 KIDS with me.  ALL 3.  And if you don't know what its like to have 3 small kids with you while you try to fill out paperwork then you are lucky.  Faye and Drew were actually quite well behaved, which could be a first.  But I threatened them with no Mario games if they misbehaved and Voila!  They listened!  That and there was a table set up for the kids to color pictures, so they headed right over and colored the front and back of their page and were so quiet I hardly knew they were with me.  Alex was the culprit of my hair pulling this morning. 

I had to register the kids online first, and the computer was being a really really big pain.  I typed everything in(names and addresses and all that info) and went to print it out and almost everything was missing.  So I called the guy over to help and he said, "hmm, its been doing that lately."  OK, its really no big deal except I have a baby that is running all over and climbing on the tables and screaming and throwing papers and crayons everywhere.  So while they worked on that we headed back out to the van to get the stroller.  Alex is really starting to hate the stroller, because I strap him in and he can't get out. So he started screaming even louder and louder and really throwing a tantrum, all the while I'm trying to have a normal conversation with this gentleman.  I did manage somehow to get all their info typed and printed, but I was so distracted I hope I got it all down correctly.

Then on to the next table to fill out more info.  Alex continued to cry, more like sobbing at this point, with the occasional scream.  I wanted to put my head down and cry and I think I probably looked really frazzled too, because one of the women came over and brought a toy train for Alex and tried to calm him down.  That lasted about 2 minutes, but it was enough for me to finish!

Then on to the next table, where they then had to go through all the paperwork and make sure I've filled it out completely, which I forgot to sign in quite a few places.  But we somehow made it through - in about an hour - and I'm sure they were glad to see us leave.  They'll send us a letter towards the end of April to let us know their decision.

He fell asleep on the way home (I can't imagine why he'd be tired after all that screaming) and is still sleeping, even skipping his lunch.  I tried to wake him up, even sat him up in his chair and changed his diaper, but he's still out. He actually climbed into the chair after my attempts to wake him, and here he sleeps. He looks so peaceful - too bad he can't be so calm when he's awake!

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Karen said...

RE: Alex...Like father, like son, I should say!!