Monday, March 8, 2010

More mario...

I think know our kids are obsessed with the New Super Mario Bros game. Really really obsessed!  But in some ways it has been good for the kids, Drew especially.  He is interested in very few things, and this happens to be one of them.  He not only loves the game, but anything associated with Mario. The kids have spent hours and hours drawing and coloring Mario things, as well as reading books.  Drew has even been trying to write and spell words because of this(if you check out his picture below he made a POW block and wrote it)!  So I think it is great that he is so interested in something, although at times it can be frustrating because it is all he wants to talk about. He has been telling his preschool teachers all about Mario too, which at first they were excited because he was approaching them and talking so much and telling them stories, but I think they may be getting frustrated sometimes too.  He colored a 'Mario' picture at school today and made it all himself - which is great because he usually doesn't try to draw.

I came across a photo of little crocheted mushrooms, and figured I could make the kids some.  They are far from perfect - really really far, but the kids love them.  Drew has been carrying his around since I made it.  Anything I make, Faye always asks me, "Mom, how do you make it so perfect?"  Haha.  It really cracks me up because it is so far from the truth, but as long as they like it then I'm OK with my errors.  And they are somewhat cute I think, although a little misshapen, but that happens quickly when little kids carry them around in their grimy little hands all day long!

Faye made me this picture at preschool today.  Awww... She wrote it 21 times and wrote all the numbers.  She can count to 100 and keep on going, so don't ask unless you want to hear it! 

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