Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Dance

Andy bought me a new video camera so I can take higher quality videos of the kids. It was supposed to be a mother's day present, but it arrived in March, so I don't think that can count, right?

First video - Faye dancing. We rented the really lame Wii dancing game, Just Dance. If you haven't had a few drinks, or you're not under the age of say 10, don't bother with this game. But if you fit into one of those categories, them it is a really fun game. Faye loves it, and she looks so cute. Even Alex is getting involved in the dancing action.

It turned out OK. Usually we can't take videos at night because our house is too dark (anyone want to rewire it?), but you can actually sort of see this! I'll try to get a better video during the day.

Here's all 3 kids - at least they can get some exercise while playing video games. Maybe we'll get the Wii Fit. Anyone have it and love it or hate it?

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