Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christmas in March

Christmas in March is a little crazy, but it is sort of nice too. You can take advantage of all the after Christmas sales, and spread out the gift buying and receiving too. The kids get so many presents at Christmas, so its great for them to get some in December and some in March.

We never seem to make it out to Omaha to my moms house in December. We try to wait until after the worst of the winter weather is over to make the drive with the kids. We have an old van(it would have been brand new when we were 16) and 3 small kids - not a good mixture in snowy/freezing weather. So when the kids had spring break, we decided to head out there.

We left home last Friday and it was in the 60's and sunny. We all had on t-shirts and we were warm in the van. As we got further and further west, it seemed to get colder and colder. About 50 miles east of Des Moines, it started snowing. At first it was just flurries, but it got heavier and heavier and started making a big mess. By the time we got to Des Moines it was a real disaster and I was a nervous wreck because I had been driving. We ate our dinner and decided we would try to make it to Omaha, with Andy driving. As soon as we got out of Des Moines, I knew it was a big mistake. The roads were terrible and we were driving about 35mph. Cars and trucks were in the ditches everywhere. We stopped at the next place we could find and got a room at the Super 8. I didn't even know where we were, but it didn't matter. It had a room and took pets and even had a swimming pool. We got the kids down to the pool right away to burn up some of their energy from sitting all day. Then they got in their pj's and Faye watched a movie while they boys watched shows and listened to music on their video players. What would we do without electronics?

We finally made it to Omaha Saturday morning, after another 2 hour terrible drive. It was so windy Andy was holding on to the steering wheel so tight I thought he'd break it. So we didn't avoid the winter weather after all. Maybe next year we'll just take our chances in December!

I did get some awesome Christmas gifts. I got this milk frother from my mom. If you drink coffee and like milk in it you should get one. I've never had one and didn't even know how to use it, but after Hallie showed me how it works, there is no looking back now. I keep drinking more and more coffee just so I can use the little sucker.

I put a little vanilla soy milk in a cup, warm it up a little in the microwave, and froth away. It turns out really awesome!

I also got a new book - knitting amigurumi's. I actually don't knit yet, but I've always wanted to learn how and now I'm really inspired. It was actually the first crafty thing I tried way back in college, and I was really terrible at it, but after all my crochet practice I think I'll be much better now. Be prepared for Amigurumi's everyone....

The kids got light sabers (among many many other gifts), and we haven't had any major injuries yet. They have been asking me for them forever, but I either forget about it when the time comes for gifts, or I look at them and think about how many fights/broken things will come from them. We definitely will have to have some rules about when and how they can be used.

Especially some rules for Andy....

Alex got some neat books he loves, and also a bubble mower and some giant bubble equipment. It was a little cool outside, but he was out there pushing his mower and making bubbles.

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Kristy said...

So fun! Glad you had a safe trip. What a good idea, smart to spread out the chaos! I may have to put the milk frother on my list next Christmas.