Saturday, February 27, 2010

a very busy week

We've had a very busy week.  The kids started swim lessons on Tuesday and were thrilled to find out they have their very first swim teacher Chloe.  They are once again the only 2 kids in the class, so we are basically getting private lessons.  The kids get lots and lots of swim time and were very tired Tuesday afternoon.  Yea! We also picked out a new spring dress for Faye this week.  It is one of my favorites and she looks so sweet.  I don't know how all the pleating will hold up after a few washes, but we both loved this dress! The boys got matching blue shirts with sweater vests, but they haven't volunteered to try them on for me yet.

We toured 4 more grade schools this week, and took the kids to our 3 favorites so they could also check them out.   I am so relieved that this part of it is over as it has been so stressful for me!  In March I have to take the kids and officially register them for kindergarten with our top 3 choices, and then we'll learn which school they will attend in May.  I will be happy with any of our 3 choices, so hopefully we will get one of those!

My dining room chair finally broke this week too - it was really iffy sitting on it for the past few weeks.  When we bought our table a few years ago we bought two benches and two cheap/flimsy chairs because they were much more affordable than buying eight wood chairs.  We planned on getting real chairs sometime in the future, and with my chair broken, we figured now was the time. Andy found a great deal and we now have 6 new chairs.  We're still leaving one side with a bench - the kids really like it.  Our new bed arrived this week too, so we've been having fun putting all these things together and the kids have had fun playing with all the boxes!

We didn't do much today, but instead had a lazy Saturday at home.  The kids spent the majority of their day making a Mario book.   Here are a couple pages they illustrated.  They're working on adding words, as they tell me its not a real book unless there are words.

Last week I discovered some heart shaped crocheted coasters in a magazine, so I've been keeping busy making those(and a million other projects).  I really really like how these look - if you want any let me know as I really enjoy making them and there are only so many I can have sitting about the house before I really drive Andy crazy! I drink a lot of hot tea this time of year to keep warm, and these coasters work great for my mug!

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