Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Dinner

Happy Valentine's Day!! The kids spent the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was our first whole weekend with all the kids gone since Alex was born. I really don't know what to do - so much free time to do anything I want! It is probably more difficult for me to be away from Alex than it is for him, but it is still a nice break. The peace and quiet at the house is unbelievably nice!

Andy and I spent the weekend eating out at our favorite restaurant, Dos Reales, and shopping. Yeah!!! Some of my favorite things. We picked out a new bed frame so I am really excited to get that in the next week hopefully. We bought new mattresses after we got married, but we have never had an actual bed frame. So exciting!! We also found Andy a new winter coat at a great price and some new shoes. Vegan Earth shoes. The label on the box said, 'different. like you'. I thought that probably fit just right for Andy.

We decided to avoid all the Valentine chaos last night and stayed home and made dinner (and then played video games of course). Someone recently muttered about how we stay thin because we only eat nuts and berries. Well, I do like those, but we eat a little more than that. We decided to make my favorite meal - Sweet Chili Lime Tofu. It is from the new cookbook Andy bought me for Christmas - Vegan Yum Yum. We've made quite a few things and have LOVED everything - with the addition of garlic to most recipes. The author apparently doesn't care for it so all the recipe's have garlic optional. I really highly recommend the book!! She also has a blog you can view here. It is a really simple meal to make and so delicious! Even our kids will eat it if we leave out the chili pepper!

For dessert we had heart shaped apple gallettes and soy ice cream. So so yummy and cute! I don't spend a lot of time shaping the hearts as I know how quickly they disappear, so I'm sure they could look even better with a little more time. The kids loved them the last time I made them, but they missed out this time!

I made these dinosaurs for the kids for Valentine's Day. I'm really excited for the kids to see them today. One of their favorite TV shows is Dinosaur Train, so I think they'll like them! I also found a 3-D Transformer shirt for Drew and a cute little outfit for Faye with some sparkly shoes! I've wanted to buy her some sparkly shoes forever, and I thought this was a great occasion!

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