Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Talk talk talk

Alex is finally starting to talk. Finally! I've waited and waited, and even spoke with his pediatrician about it several times. She agreed that he is just being a little stinker and waiting until he is ready, there isn't a thing wrong with him. His new favorite words are 'mom, uh oh, and no'. Big surprise there! He also has been saying poo when he gets a stinky diaper, which is really really cute. Not the diaper part - just the talking part. He is trying to repeat just about everything I say now, so his list of words he knows is getting really long. He can also say snow, ball, more, hot, and Elmo, and often repeats what Faye or Drew are saying. Now I just have to watch what I am saying.

Alex loves to read books just like Faye always has, and he really loves it when she reads to him. This was Faye and Drew's favorite book when they were babies (Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton), and it is one of Alex's favorite books too. He's trying to say all the animal sounds, but mostly saying la la la.

Since we don't have overhead lights in our house, all our movies inside seem to be really dark, plus it is not a fancy camera, so I apologize for the poor quality. But I thought it was so cute anyways, and I know I'll still appreciate looking back at these videos when the kids are older. And maybe we'll get a nicer video recorder soon!

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