Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another day inside

We woke up to several inches of snow this morning. We're supposed to get a couple more before tomorrow morning. It seems as if this winter just keeps dragging on and on forever! And the day just seems to be dragging on forever too! It is just one of those days...

There is nothing worse than being stuck inside all day with 3 little kids who are also tired of being stuck inside all day!! Andy tells me to just take them outside - yeah right! Sounds much easier than it actually is - it usually involves 3 hours of prep time for about 10 minutes of play. Alex won't leave his mittens on so his hands get too cold and he starts crying. We did make it out for awhile this morning, all of us except Faye. She thought it was too cold. We shoveled the sidewalk and thought about making a snowman, but decided the snow was too fluffy. We also watched Andy attempt to ride his bike. He made it to work, but we'll have to see if he can make it home today with the additional snow. He used his mountain bike this morning, which seems to work a little better in the snow, but for some reason his rear bike tire freezes as he is riding it. To me that is a sign that maybe you shouldn't be riding a bike, but that's just me I guess.

I'm trying to find things to keep the kids busy, but we're running out of ideas. We color pictures, have pretend school, watch TV, read books, play board and card games, play computer games, paint and other crafts, and also bake. We made some bagels this morning after painting. They don't look pretty, but they taste good.

But even with all these activities, the kids are restless and cranky and so am I! Alex was so crabby all morning, and even worse after lunch. He kept kicking me as i was changing him, so I told him I wouldn't put his pants on until he stopped. He was OK going pant less, and decided he should put on as much lotion as he could.

The only one who truly seems to enjoy this weather is Velvet. She loves the snow. She does get cold when she is outside, so she wants to go in and out of the house about 10 times every hour. We watch her out the window, and she'll be outside rolling and jumping and playing in the snow.

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