Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swim time!

We really needed to get out of the house today, so we decided to take the kids swimming at the YMCA. The kids and I are members, but Andy is not a member so he rarely goes with us. I think it is $9 or something ridiculous for non-members, but I recently received some guest passes so he was ready to go!

Faye LOVES the pool and swimming. She always has and probably always will. She is so happy and smiles so beautiful - I just love it and I have so much fun whenever I take her swimming. She especially loves the Y pool. We swim in the small pool, and they keep the temperature at 90 degrees so it is like bathwater. Perfect for small kids!

Drew has not always loved it. He likes it OK, and I find that the more I take him swimming the more he starts to really like it. He has never liked getting his face wet or putting his eyes in the water, but he really is starting to get used to the feeling. Today he was jumping in and almost going completely under the water - a huge improvement from a year ago! Alex even splashed him in the face today and Drew didn't seem to really mind!

And Alex, well, he LOVES the water as much if not more than Faye. When I asked the kids this morning if they wanted to go to the pool, he immediately went upstairs and grabbed his shoes and socks and was ready to go. He jumps right in the water, whether anyone is there to catch him, and he really tries to swim. Most of the time I'm holding him he's pushing my hands away. He really wants to swim on his own, but he's just not quite there yet. But he's close. Honestly! I laugh and laugh - even Andy was shocked at his dare devil behaviour.

Hopefully the weather will soon get warmer and we can continue our once a week morning swimming. We had to stop going in December because it was just too cold. The water is nice and warm, but when you get out of the water it is terribly cold! The kids will start their swim lessons again soon - around the end of February. Maybe we'll even get Alex in a parent/child swim lesson too.

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