Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My little monkeys!

Since it was a cold day and we didn't have any plans, we decided to pack a lunch and have it at the indoor playground at First Christian Church. I hate being stuck inside the house all winter with the kids - luckily they go to preschool 3 times a week so they do get out, but Alex and I are at home a lot. The indoor playground is wonderful, although it tends to get really busy this time of year or when it is really really hot or rainy. It is huge, with an area for eating and a small track around the enclosed playground. I always think I'll take my running shoes and get a little exercise while the kids play, but it never happens. Instead I chase the kids around the play area, trying to keep Alex from running into the merry-go-round while its spinning. I figure that's enough exercise for one afternoon!

The kids have been trying and trying to do the monkey bars for quite a while, and they have both mastered it! They were both so excited to show me and of course I had the camera with me so I got some videos. Faye said she could already do it, so I'm guessing they have monkey bars at her gym at school or at the park they sometimes visit at school, because I know neither of them could do it this fall when I took them to the park!

Alex watches everything his big brother does, which scares me more than a little. He thought he'd try to do the monkey bars too - or at least hang from something like a little monkey.

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