Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mario fever

Drew has Mario fever! No, there isn't anything wrong with him, other than his obsession with Mario! He got the New Super Mario Bros Wii game for Christmas and he wants to play it or talk about it all the time. He talks about it all the time - and I mean ALL THE TIME! For the past 3 weeks all I hear from him is, "mom, I have two things to tell you." And then he'll start in on how he got fireballs and then got in his bubble, then somebody jumped and popped his bubble and then something else and on and on and on. And that is all we hear from him all day long. If he is talking, you can be sure it is about this game. I'm happy he is so interested in something, but I seriously get so tired of hearing about it!

I went to Toys R Us to see if I could find any of the plush Mario or Luigi or Toad toys, but they sell out really quickly. They are quite popular right now, so I may have to buy them online. I was talking to the store clerk at Toys R Us to see if and when they may get more, and I started telling him about my kids obsession with the game. They run around the house doing spin jumps and throwing fireballs and ice balls at each other- and the guy was like, " that's so cool!" He must be a gamer too. As popular as the Mario games are, there really are not a lot of other items that you can buy. If you have any or see any let me know! I figured there would at least be one kids book, since there seems to be books about everything else, but nope, nothing. We're really trying to encourage Drew to practice reading and I know he would love a book about Mario and Luigi!

Andy found someone on Craigslist getting rid of last years Nintendo magazine, so he and the kids went to the mall last night to pick them up. The kids looked through them over and over. Drew especially loves this one with Mario on the cover. We found him and Alex this morning sitting in the rocking chair and looking for pictures of Mario. They are such adorable kids sometimes!! It sure makes you forget about all those other moments (or is that because I want to forget them).

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