Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Itty bitty

One evening about two weeks ago I just had to get out of the house. I was so tired of being stuck inside all day with Alex, not to mention just tired in general from his lack of sleeping at night. He's recently decided he will only sleep if cuddled up to mommy, and that just isn't going to work so we've spent many sleepless nights with Alex screaming from his bed, "momma!" He wakes up several times a night now - I don't know what his deal is but I really just want him to sleep! I was so tired one morning I put my face lotion on my toothbrush - but luckily caught myself before actually brushing. He was teething for awhile and then he had a cold, but now I think he is just being manipulative. Anyways, I just needed to get away for a bit or I was really going to flip out. So when Andy showed up after work, I grabbed my coat, said "have a good evening", and left(Andy of course called me up an hour later to see where I was and when I'd be home - I can never leave for more than an hour without a phone call).

I had a gift card from Hobby Lobby, one of my new favorite stores, so I headed there to look around. I could spend hours at that store I swear. I love to just walk up and down the aisles and every time I'm there I discover something new or some new crafty idea I had never known existed or thought about before. I always check out the yarn section, and for some reason I stopped to look at the books, which I hardly ever do because they are expensive and I have too many projects already, I don't need to find more. But as I looked, I came across a crochet book for Itty Bitty Animals. Aha! And it was only $9 - so not too bad! I love itty bitty stuff, and the kids have really liked it when I've made them things, so I just couldn't resist.

OK - these things are itty bitty. Like 2 inches tall or something, so they are quite difficult to make and take quite some time. I first made a dog and while you could tell it was a dog, it wasn't great, so I gave it to Alex and he of course loved it. Drew told me he wanted a pig, so that was next. It turned out better, but I've found while I'm OK at crocheting, I'm really terrible at putting all the pieces together and stitching on eyes and noses. The nose was uneven and he noticed of course, but told me he still liked it. Whew!

Faye couldn't decide what she wanted, but finally decided on a bunny. It turned out much better than the others I think. I just needed a little practice - and a lot more, but the next ones will be better. The cheeks are uneven as Andy pointed out, but I can tell its a bunny and Faye was thrilled. I finished it last night while the kids were sleeping and set it on her dresser this morning. The kids have spent all morning running around the house playing freeze tag with their itty bitty animals. I love when new things keep them busy!

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