Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big boy bed!

Alex has not been sleeping well in his crib for a couple weeks now. It may be teething or maybe just because it is so cold, but he has been waking up about every 2 - 3 hours at night. I feel like I have a newborn again! A couple nights ago we let him scream it out and he screamed and screamed for over an hour, all the while shaking the side of his crib as hard as he could. It is too cold for us to stay out of bed and rock him back to sleep, not to mention we're too tired, so he ends up in bed with us till morning. He's not a nice sleeper - he wiggles and squirms and gets all turned around and ends up kicking us in the face.

Andy thought that maybe Alex was ready for a big boy bed. I had my doubts, but it doesn't hurt to try. His crib converts to a bed, so we took off the side and showed him his new big boy bed. He seemed very excited about it, climbing in and out over and over, but at bed time he didn't want to get tucked in and we had to rock him to sleep. (notice velvet under the bed)

He slept till about 3am, cried for a couple minutes, then we heard the little pitter patter of his feet on the floor and there he was in our room. Maybe tonight he'll make it all night! He was such a good little sleeper the past few months - hopefully soon he'll sleep again!

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