Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mario fever

Drew has Mario fever! No, there isn't anything wrong with him, other than his obsession with Mario! He got the New Super Mario Bros Wii game for Christmas and he wants to play it or talk about it all the time. He talks about it all the time - and I mean ALL THE TIME! For the past 3 weeks all I hear from him is, "mom, I have two things to tell you." And then he'll start in on how he got fireballs and then got in his bubble, then somebody jumped and popped his bubble and then something else and on and on and on. And that is all we hear from him all day long. If he is talking, you can be sure it is about this game. I'm happy he is so interested in something, but I seriously get so tired of hearing about it!

I went to Toys R Us to see if I could find any of the plush Mario or Luigi or Toad toys, but they sell out really quickly. They are quite popular right now, so I may have to buy them online. I was talking to the store clerk at Toys R Us to see if and when they may get more, and I started telling him about my kids obsession with the game. They run around the house doing spin jumps and throwing fireballs and ice balls at each other- and the guy was like, " that's so cool!" He must be a gamer too. As popular as the Mario games are, there really are not a lot of other items that you can buy. If you have any or see any let me know! I figured there would at least be one kids book, since there seems to be books about everything else, but nope, nothing. We're really trying to encourage Drew to practice reading and I know he would love a book about Mario and Luigi!

Andy found someone on Craigslist getting rid of last years Nintendo magazine, so he and the kids went to the mall last night to pick them up. The kids looked through them over and over. Drew especially loves this one with Mario on the cover. We found him and Alex this morning sitting in the rocking chair and looking for pictures of Mario. They are such adorable kids sometimes!! It sure makes you forget about all those other moments (or is that because I want to forget them).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Itty bitty

One evening about two weeks ago I just had to get out of the house. I was so tired of being stuck inside all day with Alex, not to mention just tired in general from his lack of sleeping at night. He's recently decided he will only sleep if cuddled up to mommy, and that just isn't going to work so we've spent many sleepless nights with Alex screaming from his bed, "momma!" He wakes up several times a night now - I don't know what his deal is but I really just want him to sleep! I was so tired one morning I put my face lotion on my toothbrush - but luckily caught myself before actually brushing. He was teething for awhile and then he had a cold, but now I think he is just being manipulative. Anyways, I just needed to get away for a bit or I was really going to flip out. So when Andy showed up after work, I grabbed my coat, said "have a good evening", and left(Andy of course called me up an hour later to see where I was and when I'd be home - I can never leave for more than an hour without a phone call).

I had a gift card from Hobby Lobby, one of my new favorite stores, so I headed there to look around. I could spend hours at that store I swear. I love to just walk up and down the aisles and every time I'm there I discover something new or some new crafty idea I had never known existed or thought about before. I always check out the yarn section, and for some reason I stopped to look at the books, which I hardly ever do because they are expensive and I have too many projects already, I don't need to find more. But as I looked, I came across a crochet book for Itty Bitty Animals. Aha! And it was only $9 - so not too bad! I love itty bitty stuff, and the kids have really liked it when I've made them things, so I just couldn't resist.

OK - these things are itty bitty. Like 2 inches tall or something, so they are quite difficult to make and take quite some time. I first made a dog and while you could tell it was a dog, it wasn't great, so I gave it to Alex and he of course loved it. Drew told me he wanted a pig, so that was next. It turned out better, but I've found while I'm OK at crocheting, I'm really terrible at putting all the pieces together and stitching on eyes and noses. The nose was uneven and he noticed of course, but told me he still liked it. Whew!

Faye couldn't decide what she wanted, but finally decided on a bunny. It turned out much better than the others I think. I just needed a little practice - and a lot more, but the next ones will be better. The cheeks are uneven as Andy pointed out, but I can tell its a bunny and Faye was thrilled. I finished it last night while the kids were sleeping and set it on her dresser this morning. The kids have spent all morning running around the house playing freeze tag with their itty bitty animals. I love when new things keep them busy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Faye update

Faye picked out some new glasses last weekend. We've had her prescription for a few months, and we've looked at frames several times, but she never quite knew what she wanted. We stopped at Eyemart last weekend to check out their selection, and in the cheapest $19 frame section she found these pink frames. She loved them and immediately told me this was what she wanted. I had my eye on a few others, but she was so excited about these and they were so cheap I figured why not? She looks adorable in anything of course! I think we'll go back in a couple months and get her some prescription sunglasses this year too.

We found this dress at Macy's after Christmas - 75% off and it was so cute (we got another really cute one for next Christmas too). She was so excited to wear it to Sunday School this morning. She's quite the little student her teachers tell me - they played a game this morning where the kids all got to take turns pretending to be teacher, and she got right up there. I'm not surprised at all - this is right up her alley.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swim time!

We really needed to get out of the house today, so we decided to take the kids swimming at the YMCA. The kids and I are members, but Andy is not a member so he rarely goes with us. I think it is $9 or something ridiculous for non-members, but I recently received some guest passes so he was ready to go!

Faye LOVES the pool and swimming. She always has and probably always will. She is so happy and smiles so beautiful - I just love it and I have so much fun whenever I take her swimming. She especially loves the Y pool. We swim in the small pool, and they keep the temperature at 90 degrees so it is like bathwater. Perfect for small kids!

Drew has not always loved it. He likes it OK, and I find that the more I take him swimming the more he starts to really like it. He has never liked getting his face wet or putting his eyes in the water, but he really is starting to get used to the feeling. Today he was jumping in and almost going completely under the water - a huge improvement from a year ago! Alex even splashed him in the face today and Drew didn't seem to really mind!

And Alex, well, he LOVES the water as much if not more than Faye. When I asked the kids this morning if they wanted to go to the pool, he immediately went upstairs and grabbed his shoes and socks and was ready to go. He jumps right in the water, whether anyone is there to catch him, and he really tries to swim. Most of the time I'm holding him he's pushing my hands away. He really wants to swim on his own, but he's just not quite there yet. But he's close. Honestly! I laugh and laugh - even Andy was shocked at his dare devil behaviour.

Hopefully the weather will soon get warmer and we can continue our once a week morning swimming. We had to stop going in December because it was just too cold. The water is nice and warm, but when you get out of the water it is terribly cold! The kids will start their swim lessons again soon - around the end of February. Maybe we'll even get Alex in a parent/child swim lesson too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Its really amazing to me that we haven't taken any kids to the emergency room for injuring themselves. Andy included. They play rough and come up with all types of new things to try - mostly dangerous things. You would think with an adult with them they would be safe, but if that adult happens to be their father, think again! (OK, so like I mentioned they haven't been to the ER yet, so I guess you can say he's kept them safe) I think a lot of fathers are that way - whereas mothers tend to worry , or at least that is how it is at our house.

We woke up to -9 degree temperature, so we decided it was too cold to go to church and we had a lazy Sunday morning. I got out of the shower to Andy and the kids playing in their room and Andy calling out for me to come and see what new tricks they were doing. So I of course grabbed the camera - as I figured it would be something to get on video. They never disappoint me!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big boy bed!

Alex has not been sleeping well in his crib for a couple weeks now. It may be teething or maybe just because it is so cold, but he has been waking up about every 2 - 3 hours at night. I feel like I have a newborn again! A couple nights ago we let him scream it out and he screamed and screamed for over an hour, all the while shaking the side of his crib as hard as he could. It is too cold for us to stay out of bed and rock him back to sleep, not to mention we're too tired, so he ends up in bed with us till morning. He's not a nice sleeper - he wiggles and squirms and gets all turned around and ends up kicking us in the face.

Andy thought that maybe Alex was ready for a big boy bed. I had my doubts, but it doesn't hurt to try. His crib converts to a bed, so we took off the side and showed him his new big boy bed. He seemed very excited about it, climbing in and out over and over, but at bed time he didn't want to get tucked in and we had to rock him to sleep. (notice velvet under the bed)

He slept till about 3am, cried for a couple minutes, then we heard the little pitter patter of his feet on the floor and there he was in our room. Maybe tonight he'll make it all night! He was such a good little sleeper the past few months - hopefully soon he'll sleep again!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My little monkeys!

Since it was a cold day and we didn't have any plans, we decided to pack a lunch and have it at the indoor playground at First Christian Church. I hate being stuck inside the house all winter with the kids - luckily they go to preschool 3 times a week so they do get out, but Alex and I are at home a lot. The indoor playground is wonderful, although it tends to get really busy this time of year or when it is really really hot or rainy. It is huge, with an area for eating and a small track around the enclosed playground. I always think I'll take my running shoes and get a little exercise while the kids play, but it never happens. Instead I chase the kids around the play area, trying to keep Alex from running into the merry-go-round while its spinning. I figure that's enough exercise for one afternoon!

The kids have been trying and trying to do the monkey bars for quite a while, and they have both mastered it! They were both so excited to show me and of course I had the camera with me so I got some videos. Faye said she could already do it, so I'm guessing they have monkey bars at her gym at school or at the park they sometimes visit at school, because I know neither of them could do it this fall when I took them to the park!

Alex watches everything his big brother does, which scares me more than a little. He thought he'd try to do the monkey bars too - or at least hang from something like a little monkey.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year everybody!!

Everyone here made it till midnight last night except Alex. He fell asleep about 10:30 - maybe next year he'll make it. It was no problem for the other kids. They stay up that late or nearly that late quite frequently. Especially this past week. They are on winter break from preschool and Andy has been off for almost two weeks. I think the earliest they've been in bed all week is 10pm, but the earliest we've been up all week is 9am. I can live with that. I don't mind sleeping in :) The kids had a lot of fun last night. They got to stay up and play Wii games. They played Lego Star Wars for awhile, then we all played the new Super Mario game.

At midnight the kids had chocolate cake - really exciting for them! The cake was really something - 'Richer than Fort Knox!' It is a vegan chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding with a chocolate candy coating topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Don't ask how many calories per serving - you don't want to know. Let's just say my skinny jeans are not going to fit anymore! I'll only be making this cake about once every decade... maybe.

Today Alex is going on his first overnight trip to Grandma and Grandpa's without mommy or daddy. He was so excited this morning. We brought down his suitcase and he pulled it by the door and couldn't wait to put on his snow boots. We asked him if he was ready and he shook his head yes. I'm not sure I'm ready for him to grow up so fast- but I know he's in good hands.