Friday, December 18, 2009

School party

The kids had their holiday party at school this morning. We invited Grandma and she had the day off work, so she came to see the kids classroom. The kids were so excited - they were very wound up last night and all day today. Of course some of that could be from all the extra sugar they are getting this time of year - cookies and candy canes and other goodies from neighbors.

They didn't sing any songs for us like they did last year, but we still had a good time. Drew showed Grandma all around the classroom. We all had some goodies and then they headed over to the craft table to make some gingerbread ornaments and bracelets.

Alex had fun playing too. He is really looking forward to when he is big enough to go to school, and finally today he got his chance to check out the classroom a little.

Drew and I went and checked out the cars and trucks that he plays with at school. A few of his friends joined in too, which was neat to see them all play together.

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